Can I Study Abroad For Free?

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Posted: 2023-01-17 09:09:13

It is the dream of every student to study in well-established and well-reputed institutions. This dream could not stop them from even going beyond the borders. They select suitable institutions all around the world and go there. Especially in undeveloped or developing countries, the ratio of students who went abroad for higher studies is much higher than the developed countries. Because underdeveloped or developing countries do not have such a good educational structure and educational institutes, students have to go abroad to explore the new worlds of their dreams.

A huge number of students are studying abroad; 44% of students are studying for free in foreign countries. 24 countries are providing free education; 16 out of 24 countries are based in Europe.

U.S. students percentage studying for free:

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It's not a sin to desire to go or go abroad for higher studies, but there is a problem. Going abroad for higher studies is an expensive deal. That's why students who belong to the poor or average cannot afford to go abroad. Hence, it becomes a common question, can I study abroad for free? We believe that everyone has an equivalent right to get higher studies worldwide. That's why in this article, we have tried to answer this common question of whether we study abroad for free or not. We hope it will be really helpful for you in making your dreams come true. So, let's start with our main topic.

How To Study Abroad For Free?

According to an estimate from the year 2020-2022 more than 32,000 students leave for abroad to study. If we check the exact number of students who are studying for free abroad then we come to know that 1,095,299 students are in United States,496,570 are in the United Kingdom, 492,185 are in China, 279,597 are in Japan. If you are considering studying abroad but don't have enough funds for that, don't worry; you can still study abroad with fewer funds and even without spending money. Following are some ways through which you can study abroad for free or with fewer funds.



●     Find The Cheapest Countries

Several countries on the globe have excellent educational structures, but they are not so expensive. For example, China, Malaysia, Central Asian States, or Eastern European States have excellent educational infrastructure, but they have fewer expenses if we compare them with other countries. So, finding the cheapest countries could make your dream come true.

●     Study Abroad Virtually

If you could not afford to study abroad and you also didn't get any country that is cheapest for you, then you could also study abroad virtually. Many institutions are offering distance learning for foreign students. For example, Harvard university offers more than 600 online courses, the University of California is also offering several online programs, and The Georgia Institute of Technology has served more than 3.3 million people through online programs since 2012 when it was established.

●     Student Loans

Another bright opportunity for students to study abroad is to get student loans. These loans are generally provided by various banks or some kind of non-profit organization. Usually, the thing they demand is to get admission to some well-ranked university. So, you can benefit from student loans if you have got admission to some foreign university but don't have enough money to proceed further.

●     Scholarships

Scholarships are the most common, efficient, and reliable way of studying abroad for free. Many institutes, NGOs, individuals, and Governments provide scholarships for needy students who want to study abroad. You can easily study abroad free of cost by getting these kinds of scholarships. In some cases, students have also been getting stipends through scholarships.

How To Explore These Resources?

After getting complete knowledge about all these means, the question is how we could explore these ways. There are various ways to do that. Following are some of these ways.

●     Travel Agencies

Usually, people used to contact travel agencies for that purpose. It is because they think that they could get the right knowledge through travel agencies. In this regard, they sometimes become prey to fraudulent people and waste their precious time and money. However, travel agencies could be a good option if they are trusted.

●     Expert Consultants & Organizations

Travel agencies deal with all kinds of travel programs, but there are also some specialized consultants and organizations who specifically work on student visas. They could offer you more credible and reliable knowledge than travel agencies. But the above problem still applies here; it is also difficult to find a trustworthy consultant or organization. Still, if you know some trustworthy expert consultant or organization, then you should rely on him.

●     Explore On Internet On Your Own

In today's modern digitalized era, it has become easier to explore everything at your fingertips. Hence, you could explore all these resources on your own. You could search not only the resources but also find consultants, organizations, & travel agencies who run the process on your behalf.

Our Recommendation

From all the above ways we recommend you to get the services of some expert consultant. It would not only save your time but also save you from a long-running process you would have faced in the case of a self-try. It would be best if you have a trustworthy consultant; if not, then you must get the help of online portals. Because due to the strict policies of these portals, it becomes impossible for anyone to act fraudulently. 

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