Saudi Arabia Citizenship Law 2023-2024

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Posted: 2024-04-26 03:01:35

Saudi Arabia is one of the leading powers in the Middle East. It is more popular in providing crude oil and other energy resources to China and Europe. In such a scenario, Saudi Arabia recently amended its citizenship law.

A year back, Saudi Arabia amended Article 8 of the citizenship law, transferring final authority to grant citizenship from the minister of interior to the prime minister, currently holding the premiership by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. 

The amended article tells it all: Saudi fathers and expatriate mothers are automatically granted citizenship at birth. In addition, the children of Saudi mothers and expatriate fathers can also apply for citizenship. To apply for citizenship, applicants must be over 18, permanently living in Saudi Arabia, have a transparent criminal record, and speak Arabic fluently. 

The amendment has its significance and validity. In this case, there needs to be more clarity behind by the influence of the prime minister, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, to amend Article 8. This proposal was very important and was designed by the Ministry of Interior to approve the law as soon as possible.

The amended Article 8 is significant in a desired position. In such a scenario, permanent residents of Saudi Arabia will have a good future in terms of economic stage. This citizenship greatly benefits citizens, including expatriate fees, free health care, and pension benefits. Getting an education in the Middle East has become an easy game for all the permanent residents of Saudi Arabia. 

From the context of education, kindergarten and high school are free for Saudi citizens and foreign students. Moreover, they can also play a role in the established economy of the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The investment in immense businesses in Saudi Arabia can fill the gap in Vision 2030 initiatives Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman took. 

As of 2018, approximately 700,000 Saudi women had wed non-Saudi men, representing roughly 10% of married women in the kingdom. This marks a substantial surge from 2013, when Saudi courts recorded just 1,925 marriages between Saudi women and foreigners, with 190 ending in divorce.

 The already considerable number of Saudi women marrying non-Saudi men is anticipated to increase further due to diminishing social taboos surrounding cross-cultural unions and the steep expenses associated with dowries and weddings among Saudi couples.

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