Germany Opportunity Card (Opens June 1st, 2024)

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Posted: 2024-05-13 02:57:41

Germany is significant in the context of getting a study or working visa. It has an established economy with leading figures worldwide. Meanwhile, it is of global importance in regional and international issues that are of greater interest to the German public. Germany\\\'s foreign policy ensures a people-to-people connection with non-European countries.

In this regard, Germany recently announced the Germany Opportunity Card for non-European countries. This is a new program to attract people living outside the country. Most countries announce such scholarships to spread their democratic values and culture to other parts of the world.

This program will allow them to live in Germany for the next 12 months to look for a job. So, you don\\\'t need a job offer or a permanent work contract beforehand. You can apply for the Opportunity Card through the German embassy in your country starting from June 1, 2024. The program will be open for applications on that date.

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The German Opportunity Card is similar to the German job seeker Visa, also known as Germany\\\'s working visa. This card allows applicants from non-European Union countries to take advantage of this opportunity. You can also work 20 hours a week part-time with this card. 

To make sure your application goes well, there are certain things you need. You must have at least 6 points to get the Card. These points are based on your education, age, experience, language skills, and other factors. You can find more information about the Germany Opportunity Card below.

Understand the Points Based System and the Requirements to Qualify for the Germany Opportunity Card

According to the scoring system, you must earn a minimum of six points to be eligible for the Opportunity Card.

Here\\\'s what the points are based on:

  • Education
  • Language Skills
  • Living Expenses
  • Experience
  • Previous Visits
  • Qualification of your spouse

Vocational Training and University Education

  • Vocational Education: You must have completed Vocational Training lasting at least two years and be state-recognized in your country.
  • University Degree: You can also apply if you have obtained a University degree.
  • Language Skills

                                         You must have either German or English Language Skill. At least level A1 (basic beginner level) in German or level B2 (advanced) in English. In this case, you can learn German or English from any online learning apps.

  • Showing you have enough money to live

Because you\\\'ll be living in Germany, you need money for food, a place to stay, and other things. You have two choices:

Option 1: Proof of Savings

To get the Opportunity Card, you can put money in a particular account in Germany. You need to deposit at least €11,208. You can learn how to open this account in Germany.

Option 2: Getting a Job in Germany

Another choice is to find a job in Germany. With the Opportunity Card, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours each week. Before you apply for the Opportunity Card, you need to prove you have a job by showing an employment contract from a German company.

In Germany, the least amount of money you can earn per hour is 12.00 euros gross (as of May 2023). Working part-time (20 hours per week), you can make over 1000 euros each month. You\\\'ll make even more money if you get a full-time job offer.

  • Working Experience

                                     As per the German opportunity Card requirements, professional experience is mandatory for a while. Furthermore, a minimum of two years of professional experience is required. This could only be issued by a letter from your current or former employer.

 Visit and Click here to apply for The Germany Opportunity Card

Deadline: 1st June, 2024


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