Which Is The Cheapest Country To Study Abroad?

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Posted: 2023-01-17 08:49:02

Once you have made up your mind to study abroad the next step is to choose the best country which boosts your career. Some students get disappointed to see the expenditures of the whole process to go and study there. The reason is that in this fast pace, high-technology era Universities all over the world are upgrading gradually and are raising their academic fees simultaneously. So, it is a great worry for students who want to study abroad but do not have enough money to fulfill their dream.

If you are also such a student do not get disheartened we have a solution to your problem. Some of the world's most famous countries are offering opportunities to study free or at a low cost and grant scholarships to international students for studies. Additionally, these countries also grant scholarships to cover living expenses. In this article, we have listed these countries for your ease. So, we hope that it helps you to make a better choice to uplift your career.

Cheapest Countries For Higher Education

Here we have mentioned a list of the cheapest countries in the world which provide top-quality education at a reduced cost and assist with granting scholarships to international students. A list of top universities is also attached with the countries for your comfort. So, let's take a look.

●     Germany

Germany is the No.1 ranked country which is the destination of international students because it provides excellent education and facilities at an economical budget. It is called heaven for higher education. Unlike any other country, Germany offers a wide variety of highly ranked universities, a huge choice of courses, highly valued degrees that guarantee the best employability, and reasonable living expenses. Every year thousands of students come here to get higher education. It costs more than €20,000 (about US$23,450) per year for master's students who did not complete their undergraduate studies in Germany, but you might be able to secure a scholarship to help. You'll need at least €10,200 (about US$11,950) per year to pay living expenses.

Germany is the only top country that decided in October 2014, public universities will charge no tuition fee; they just have to pay a few administrative charges, such as student contribution, student union fee, and a public transportation ticket; which become about €250 each semester. Additionally, students have to pay €850 every month for living costs. German universities also offer scholarships for foreign students that covers enrollment, travel, and residential costs as well. Famous German Universities are:

●      University of Cologne

●      University of the Bremen

●      Humboldt University of Berlin

●      Ludwig Maximilian University

●      Heidelberg University

These are some top-class German Universities where you can get a brilliant education by paying just €150 - 400€ every semester and can also get scholarships.

●     Norway


Norway is a well-known country for its natural beauty and is an attractive destination for many students for higher studies. Education is free for both local and international students; only a small amount of about $35 to 70$ to be paid for the semester fee. Despite the fact that tuition is nearly free, living expenses are somewhat greater for students. Students have to spend about $ 17200 per year on living expenses; other than these students have to spend a little amount of money on food and books around $250. However, numerous scholarships are offered to students to meet their needs properly.

Here is a list of famous Norwegian Universities where you can apply for scholarships.

●      Norwegian University of Science and Technology

●      University of Oslo

●      University of Nordland

●      Oslo Metropolitan University

●      The Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway.

           These are some fully-funded scholarships that these universities offered:

1.    # NORAM Scholarships.

2.    # Erasmus+ Scholarships Program.

3.    # Norwegian-Russian Scholarships.

4.    # BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships.

5.    # High North Fellowship Program.

●     Finland

Finland is the 3rd high-ranked country in the Education Ranking 2021. It has got the highest rank in the high school completion rate. According to the Global Competitive Survey by the World Economic Forum, Finland has the most advanced educational system worldwide. If we estimate the cost of education and other expenses while studying in Finland; then it is important to mention that there are two main factors to take into account. First, you have to pay the tuition fee and other living expenses; if you are a non-European student, scholarship opportunities are also associated with it. The annual tuition charge ranges between €4,000 - €18,000 depending on the university and degree program. Monthly living expenditures (including food, residency, and travel) are between €700 - €900. Universities grant many scholarships to international students.

 The top universities in Finland with their study cost are

●      Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - 1,500 EUR/year.

●      University of Turku - 2,000 EUR/year.

●      Humak University of Applied Sciences - 2,100 EUR/year.

●      ITMO University - 3,010 EUR/year.

●      University of the Arts Helsinki - 5,000 EUR/year.

Supreme Suggestion

So, these are the top three universities where you can get high-quality education with an economical budget. But if you want to filter it more; then Germany would be the best choice in all; because education is free here as mentioned earlier and the living expenses are relatively low as compared to other countries. The German people are very welcoming and hospitable. So, if you want to boost your future but are worried about the budget then choose Germany; it is the land of your dreams.

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